Stay on Top of Osteoporosis

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Te monmouth/Ocean County communities trust Brielle Obstetrics and Gynecology for reliable OB-GYN care, but did you know we also have a bone density screening machine to test for osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that causes the body to loses more bone than is healthy. This makes bones more likely to break during a fall or even when you bump into something. Osteoporosis is most common in women over the age of 50. The most accurate way to diagnose osteoporosis is with a bone density test.

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Did you know?

Did you know?

Here are some facts about osteoporosis that you might not know:

  • Osteoporosis is twice as likely to occur in woman than it is in men.
  • It can cause you to lose height.
  • It can go undetected until you break a bone.

The best way to fight the symptoms of osteoporosis is to detect it as soon as possible. A bone density screening will test you for signs of osteoporosis. Schedule an appointment for a bone density text at Brielle Obstetrics and Gynecology today.